First of all, I don’t want to raise a topic “Exceptions versus Error Codes”. But if you need to return a result code and you use Scala, I have an elegant solution for you to do so.

I doubt a bit, but then I decided to try to submit a patch to JDK with the performance improvement. I’ve read couple articles, cloned code and realized that fromString implementation has been changed in JDK9 :)

My blog post was published in a Wix Engineering Blog. It was hugely edited before with the real editor. It’s funny to find out that your English is worse than you thought before :) But I don’t upset, on the contrary – it’s a good way to improve yourself.

Recently I’ve fixed a flaky test and I want to share some thoughts (very trivial) about how to make no mistakes. So, we have a simple class Throttler for dealing high load on a some part of code (basically it’s a wrapper around Semaphore):